Starry Nights

Starry Night. The iconic painting by Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. It is one of my favorites. Perhaps it is the simply whimsy of the variations of blue in the night sky; the bold, yet soft shades of yellow depicting the stars; the cypress trees that appear to be blowing in the wind; or, perhaps the church off in the distance that makes me feel peaceful. I imagine tiny Van Gogh inspired parishioners filling the pews. With tiny French inspired attire.

I always wondered what Van Gogh was thinking from within the asylum when he created this masterpiece. Is this what he saw peering outside of his window, or was he inspired by someone, by something, during his dark days and nights? Did he find his strength and his faith from God; was he prayerful? There is no way for any of us to know, other than his life ended in despair.

Starry Night makes me feel happy. I feel peace and calm when I look upon it. It reminds me that on the darkest of nights, in what may feel like an eternal abyss of blackness, it only takes one small flicker of light. A single star, to brighten the darkest of skies.

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